Friday, September 6, 2013

August 12, 2013


this past week was great!! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!  The baptism was on Saturday and we baptized one of our investigators Daniel. Daniel was always a really good investigator the whole time! We found him the very first week we were here by contacting. He had always been way solid! Daniel is 17 years old and he knows when something is right, then its right. We had been teaching his girlfriend, Esmeralda, too; but her family believes some crazy things so we had to stop teaching her. The day of the baptism, daniel had lots of doubts because of his girlfriend. He didnt want to lose her. But we were able to help him through it and he was baptized saturday and confirmed on sunday!! it was so cool. It was a crazy weekend but it was nice to get a baptism. Ill post a picture of the baptism! 
Also this past week i had inter exchanges with Elder Rodriguez from Domincan Republic. Him and I are way good buddies so it was a fun day. But i have a funny story to share. So me and elder soto have been teaching this lady named Guera(wich means red head haha) but she never has been really interested. But when i was with E. Rodriguez, we decided to go visit her! So when we got with her she was just different this day, it was weird. haha she wanted to talk and she was just happy. But heres the story. So almost nobody in the neighborhood knows the real name of Guera. So when we were visiting her a few weeks ago, her mom was visiting so we asked her what her real name was...and she told us! So this time with E. Rodriguez, he asked her what her real name was. But she wouldnt tell us. So when she went inside for a sec, I told E. Rodriguez and we planned a little lesson real quick! When she got back we started the lesson with prayer, and E. Rod. said that we are going to talk about how we can find answers through reading the book of mormon! So he told her that he's going to read the book of mormon and receive an answer for what her name is. Haha so E. Rod. is just acting like he's reading for a little. And Guera is just like ya ya whatever you can find it!! haha and then E. Rod. writes the name on a little piece of paper and gives it to her. She reads it and.....ALMOST DIES. haha she was freakin out!! She yelled and her kids and said, 'GO GET THAT BLUE BOOK IN THE HOUSE!!' hahah it was hilarious. Oh and after that, she accepted a baptismal date. Cool story huh? we were laughing the whole time!!

But theres my week! I love you all and have a good time at the wedding!! Ill be thinking of you!! 

Elder Needham

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