Friday, September 6, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hola peeps,        
Wow looking at all of Keilani and Justin's wedding pictures makes me sad. It looks so beautiful and just a happy day. Im glad it turned out perfect. Haha the card board thing of me was funny, im just like a little creep in all the pictures. hahaha. And im glad my letter to kk made you all laugh...and cry and...stuff. Haha i wish i was there to see it! How did nate read it? I chose nate for a reason, me and him are so similar i knew it'd be just like me talking haha. But im glad it was a wonderful weekend. 
This past week was a lot of work with very little success. Almost every appointment we had fell through, but its ok cause the appointments that we had were very good. We have this investigator named Fransisco. Heres the story of when we found him.
    'We were in a little gas station buying some water real quick, and this man comes up to me and asks me if i'm a mormon missionary. I say yes and he instantly invites us to his house. We thought we had just received a miracle or a punishment because Fransisco had just bought some beer. haha. So as we've continued to teach Fransisco, we have lessons like i've never had before. He has many many problems in his life, but he's one of the most special men i've ever met. He just cries to us for help and he wants to find THEE path...the straight and narrow path. Every lesson we start out with a song and he just prays with all his might. Haha its actually kind of funny when it happens cause he just cradles up like a little emphant. Me and my companion dont know what to do so we just keep singing. One time we finished a song, and he just started balling for like 5 minutes...we didnt know what to do so...we just sang another song haha. He also just pours out his heart to us. The thing is..i dont feel sorry for this man. I feel the need to help this man, he's like a child to me; i feel the need to care for him. At times its kind of sketchy with him cause he drinks a lot, but he wants to find the way of Christ. I dont know how long it'll take for him to understand all of our Gospel, but I know what day he'll find it. 
      Also some big news, we have changes this week and my companion is heading out to another area. He only has 7 months in the mission and guess what?! He's going to be a zone leader somewhere! Its ridiculous! Its very rare for someone with such little time to already be zone leader. Im very happy for him. The good part of this for me is...that he taught me all he knows in this past 6 weeks to become a great missionary. So i hope i receive some kind of lidership. President wont tell who are new companions are until tomorrow so ill tell you next week. President told Elder Soto early because zone leader is a great-important position. So we'll see tomorrow what i get! And ill be staying here in Tamaulipas. Im excited to see what these next 6 weeks will be like with my new companion. 
        But anyways, thats all my family. Love you and hope all is well. I sent a letter home on friday, but i gave it to a member that went to the states on friday. You should get it today or tomorrow i hope. I love you.
Elder Needham

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