Monday, September 16, 2013

September 12, 2013

Hola familia,

So about a week ago, the zone leaders told us that they had a big surprise for us!! And...YES, it was the greatest present ever!! We went to the temple today! Ahh man, it was the best experience i have had at the temple thus far in my life. It was exactly what i needed! Wow, the temple sure does manifest to me that all these things are true! When i was there, i just didnt want to leave. It was the first time i had gone in 5 months so it such a great opportunity. The temple is quite small, but it sure is beautiful. And all the scenery outside of the temple is absoultely ridiculous!! I felt like i was in paradise or something! There's no doubts that the temple is the house of the Lord. It's like heaven in there. 
But besides that, Elder Bautista and I are going strong here in Tamaulipas! In my last email i told you that we might be having a baptism, but...we are going to wait a little bit longer with this kid. His name is brandon and we've been teaching him ever since I got here! He has all the lessons and is such a great kid. We had the baptismal interview and everything, but he just wants to wait a little longer. He knows everything is true, but he just hasnt obtained his testimony we've been working hard with that!! Im sure he'll be baptized soon! We also have this lady named Rosaulva, and she was an investigador from other missionaries in the district. But she lives in my area! haha they were being disobedient and going into our area to teach her. But then we find out and now she's so close to getting baptized too. Either next week or the week after!! We also have this great family named La Familia Martell. ive talked about them a little before and they are so great. They came to church last week and they loved it! The mom asked me to buy her a Bible from the temple so she can read from the book of mormon and bible and use those scriptures at the bottom to learn more! Its so great! They wont get baptized for a few weeks cause our investigadors need to attend church 5 times before baptism. But they are solid and we're working very hard with them!
Training Elder Bautista has been way fun! We've had some great times together and we just laugh all day! But man, being a trainer and district leader just kicks your butt. I was talking to my zone leader and he told me that training and district leader is one of the hardest things to do on the mission. AND i only have 6 months in the mission here in crazy old mexico! haha im dying! literally, i almost die everyday. haha. 
But all is well, and im looking forward to getting a few more baptisms in these upcoming weeks! We are working hard and the ward is improving tremendously. We have a mexican night activity next week, and i think we are dancing. Ill pull out some of those crazy dance moves that i got. 
I love you all and ill write you on Monday! Thanks for being the best family ever!
ps. 6 months completed baby!!!!! wooo!!!

Elder Needham

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