Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hola mi familia,

Wow this past week has been way fun! Elder Bautista and I have had lots of success here in Tamaulipas! This past week we had a ward activity and it was a Mexican Night! Oh man it was so great! We had the whole sacrament room full of members, less actives, and investigadors. There was dances from the members, and we actually even had an investigador dance with them, haha it was great! But you all know me, i wouldnt miss out on a dancing opportunity. So yes, we as Elders danced and sang as well! haha it was so great!! I have the video on my camera but i cant send it on this thing! But man let me tell ya, we had the other room busting up laughing!! haha i love making people laugh!
This past week we found 6 new investigdors! Elder Bautista and I are working very hard and getting lots of work done! We are trying to be as obedient as we can. Its crazy how much the lord blesses you when your obedient from when you're not as obedient. Elder Bautista and I are doing great though, and we've received many blessings!! This next sunday we a baptism for this man named Nestor! Other missionaries were teaching him in another area and in the end they had to pass us the reference and he's already ready to be baptized! What a blessing right? We will continue teaching him this week and he'll be baptized next sunday!! We also have our investigador Rosaulva who will be baptized either next sunday also, or the week after! She just waiting for a friend to be able to come into town!
Man, missionary work sure is amazing. Im getting myself lost in the work and thinking less about home! I can finally speak the language and sometimes i feel like i've lived here all my laugh. I love hearing all the great stories from my friends serving mission. This work is amazing. 
Also last week i shared with you guys that i read alma 28 and i loved it. But i lied, haha it was alma 29! Also here are some great scriptures that i love! D&C 60: 3-4, D&C 100: 3-8  11-13. It gives me a boost of energy when i find great scriptures!

I hope all is well and you're all working hard!! Share your testimonies with your friends and we're going to convert the world!! I love you all. 

Elder Needham

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