Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Familia Necesitamos-Jamón,

So, when people try to pronouce my name...they just absolutely fail haha. So then i tell them how to say it, but then i say here is an easier way. my name is elder necesito-jamón cause {need} means necesito and {ham} means jamon. And they always start busting up laughing. So here in mexico, im elder necesito jamon :) 
This past week was full of great blessings! I think i can say that it was one of the most hard working, successful weeks i've had on my mission. We had a ton of success finding new people and receiving new baptismal dates. We ended the week with 12 lessons with members present and 9 other lessons. We worked freakin hard to get members in the lessons with our investigadors cause it just makes it that much better and spiritual. We ended the week with 0 baptisms, but we still have them ready to go, we're just waiting about another week or 2. Im so excited that we are able to baptize a few more people. This area is awesome and each week i love it more. Elder Bautista is great and he getting accostomed to the mission real quick. 
I cant wait for General Conference this weekend, its always great to hear from the prophet and apostles. I really hope i can find a way to watch it in english cause its just not he same when they change the voices haha. But we'll see how it goes! 
This past week I had inter-exchanges with Elder Rodriguez from Dominican Republic. It was a great day and we're great buddies. We just talked bball all day, haha i loved it. But during the night while we were sleeping, elder rodriguez woke up hearing the weirdess noise outside the room door. It was pitch black so he could see anything, but he hopped off the bunk bed and when he touched the ground he just cringed up haha. He reached from the light and turned it all, the house was flooded up to his ankles!! hahaha i woke up just like what the heck are you doing? and then i realized and hopped out of bed real quick. We were in his house luckily so i didnt have to worry about it, haha but there was water in the whole house. The pipes under a sink exploded and it was just great crazy. We were up at3:30 in the morning just taking loads of water out of the house! it was so fun! Crazy night though! We were just screaming running around the house trying to figure out what to do. But they're going to change houses so its all good.
We recieved changes yesterday for the district, elder bautista and I are staying together because we're in training right now. So we'll be together here in tamaulipas for six more weeks!! Woo!! We have a great time here!! 
But yeah thats all i can remember right now. But i love you all and hope you enjoy conference weekend! Have a good week :)

Elder Needham

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