Friday, September 6, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hola mi familia,

so like i said last week im training Elder Bautista and he is improving so fast! He's a stud. These past few weeks and been way good and we're having lots of success right now! These past two sundays we've had 12 people attend church. Its so awesome. When our investigadores attend church its like christmas, haha we get so happy. It sure is weird training cause i feel like im still brand new out of the MTC, but it sure is crazy how much more i know than Elder bautista. hahah. When i got assigned with him, i thought because he speaks spanish already and all that he'd be perfect...but WOW, there sure are a lot of things to teach in the mission. But every day he seems to improve and he's started to take a lot of iniciative. Im pushing him kind of hard, and sometimes he gets frustrated...but whenever we appears to be mad or sad. I just stop everything and we just talk. And then we continue working. He is a very humble missionary and its very fun working with him. Even though he just got here, i've learning so many things from him. We never fight or anything, so its nice. And....he likes to eat so we eat a lot and im happy too hahaha. 
But i seriously wish i could explain to all of you the kind of food i eat here. Its seriously heaven. And its so cheap...i get so happy when i eat. I hope to bring all the family back here one day just to try all the food! But also, this week is my 6th month mark!! crazy huh? Time is flying!! This friday, Elder Bautista and I are going to order some real good food and we bought candles to have a little party hahaha. THE THINGS WE DO ON THE MISSION ARE CRAZY. 
But this week during one of my studies, i read Alma 28. Its a way good chapter and it got me motivated. I suggest you guys to read it. I love it after i read it. 
But i hope all is well with all of you and you're doing good!! 6 MONTHS BABY!!!!
OH, and also next sunday we are planning on a baptism! We hope it all works out, MÈXICO ES MÌ VIDA. I LUHHH YOU ALLLL

Elder Needham

1. my buddy Elder Larson
2. Elder Bautista and President
3. Last meal with Elder Soto and Hermana Ortiz

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