Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So last week i mentioned a little about *** and her family! Well this past week we visited them again and had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon. And guess what?! They all accepted to be baptized!! The mom  and daughter *** are the strongest in the family, im sure they will definitely get baptized. We'll have to work a bit harder with the dad jose and son edgar but we'll see how it all plays out!
 We are continuing to teach our investigators and some of them are improving very well. We have a young kid named *** who we've been teaching ever since we got here, this past sunday he went to church for his second time so now he's able to get baptized. His baptismal date is for this saturday so we hope it all works out and he can be baptized!! He's a great kid and knows what he wants in life. We've always continued teaching the ***family and they are great. They werent able to attend church cause the mom is pregnant and wasnt feeling goodsunday morning, so we'll have to move there baptismal date in little forward but they definitely have a desire to be baptized. After church yesterday we went by to see why they didnt come to church. The mom, ***, told us her head was hurting..we gave her a priesthood blessing and we hope all is well now. Haha its kind of weird giving investigators blessings cause they're just like what the heck is going on?! haha but it went great! 
Im continuing to learn many things about the mission, but the main one is learning how to deal with a companion all day. Things have been rough lately with me and Elder Soto cause i hate not being able to give my input sometimes. But we always seem to work out our problems and understand what our real purpose is here in the mission. So its good. I now understand how the mission prepares you for marriage. hahaha. 
This past Wednesday we had a great experience with a new investigator named ***. We found him through a reference. He thinks that his girlfriend(who is a member) might've talked with some sister missionaries and his girlfriend sent a reference to us to go visit him haha, its kinda funny. So we visted him and at first he was just kinda like GO AWAY. But then we just talked for like 2 minutes and he wanted to hear a little more. He has a desire to change so we thought he would be a great person to teach. He invited us back over and we taught him the Restoration. While we were teaching his family came home and just kind of chilled outside. But his sister, ***, overheard us and wanted to join in. By the end of the lesson they had both accepted baptismal dates!! it was seriously so cool. *** and *** are great people and both have the desire to changte their lives for the best. After the lesson they were just offering us like tons of coke and yummy bread and stuff. It was great. But by the end of the lesson it was 9:20 and we had ten minutes to get home. Ahh man we ran so fast! it was so sweet! 
But anyways we had a great week and had 4 people come to church! i was so happy!! 
I love you guys, have fun with kk's wedding and nate with football, and jared with eatin my doritos. 

Elder Needham

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