Monday, July 29, 2013


So im sitten here trying to figure out what to write about cause there is always so much that happens during the week! This past week we had a difficult time finding new people...but we did find a great family yesterday. The familia Mantell. Its the parents, Rosalina and Jose, and the kids Edgar and Claraiso. We taught them the first lesson and everything went great. The mom, Rosalina, is the most interested because she wants a great future for her kids. The kids are 24 and 20 so they are grown up and already have kids but you can tell the mom loves her family very much. Usually when you teach families you talk to the dad a lot to try and convince the man of the house about the truthfulness of the gospel. The dad, jose, was very quiet so we'll see what happens. We didnt feel prompted to invite them to baptism so we'll do it the next visit. They are a great family and i can see them getting baptized one day!
So because he had a hard time finding new people...we continued to teach our investigators with baptismal dates. A few of them is a family of 4! The family Eligio. They are so great and love every time we visit them. We taught the plan of salvation that past week and they were dying to hear when we are going after this life. haha it was awesome! You should've seen their faces! 
We also have this man named Edgar who is part of a part member family. His wife daniela is a member and they have a little month year old baby. We've only taught him 2 times and he's already planning his baptismal service..hahahah its so great!! hes a really quiet guy so he said that he only wants his wife and baby and us to be there. haha its so funny! 
On sunday i gave a talk in church about the members helping the less actives come back to church. It was a great talk and i was VERY firm with the talk. haha i hope i didnt offend anyone! After sacrament i was nervous to talk to anyone cause they kind of looked mad...but as church went on i think they all realized that they need to do their part in helping people come back to church. haha cause after church we had ward council and all they talked about was helping the less actives return to church! Also when we were working yesterday we saw a few sisters from relief society driving around visiting people!! it was so awesome! Sometimes its scary to be firm with people, but when you're doing it for the all turns on to be good in the end. 
The hottest time of the year is starting here in monterrey and let me tell ya...ITS HOT GETTIN HOT IN HERE. i might just start taking of my clothes........haha nahh im playin. But its great cause every one offers us water and food so yeah i stay healthy. But its also great cause i each so much here im started to get a belly. i freakin love it!! :) But anyways, thats my week y'all! we have a few baptismal dates coming up so we'll see how it all plans out!! the baptism that we were going to have didnt work hopefully in a few weeks, Oso, will be baptized! 

I love you all. 

Elder Needham

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