Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013


So its getting pretty hot here.

Monday: as a district, we all made an American Breakfast! We made it all at the church and it was so good! We had pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Haha i cante ven explain how fast i chowed it down! It was so good

Tuesday: so we went and visited the Familia *** and it was just the mom there. Right away we found out that she hadnt read, again…so we stuck to the plan and had to have a serious talk with them. It was very hard to do it and i hope i dont have to do it often. This has been my favorite in the misión so far, but they just werent progessing. When we left her with a prayer, right when i walked out of the house…i just wanted to cry. It was rough yáll.

Thursday: we continue meeting with *** in the street and she becomes more and more interested each time. We read 2 nephi 31 with her and everything just clicked with her. It was awesome. She´s a really kind lady. And her and her husband always buy us like drinks or something, haha i feel bad but hey its free. We also had a Ward misión activity and we had a few investigators come so that was exciting. The activity was on Lehi´s Dream. It was fun!

Friday: today i had exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Cayetano. He was companions with Elder Larson before and we have always got along pretty well so it was a nice fun day. Hes from De´Jefe? Mexico, so we spoke spanish all day which was nice. We also just have a lot in common so it was nice to talk to someone like him for a day. Ill put up some pictures! Oh and also, *** and her husband *** actually live in Elder Cayetano´s area but they´re always selling fruit in my area, so thats why we teach them. But this day with Elder Cayetano, we were walking and just randomly saw them at their house. Ha it was way weird. Elder Cayetano and me ended up teaching her at the house and it was good that now the zone leaders know where they live!

Saturday: today was a very exciting day. The hermanas in our district had some baptisms today of a family of 4. And i was able to baptize the mom! It was way fun! I was suppose to baptize the dad too but he wasnt ready to get baptized today because of some personal things that i cant say, so hopefully he can in a couple weeks..Its a way awesome family! And it was a great baptismal service.

Sunday: well the new president came in this past week and today he came to our church cause he had a meeting with the dad of that family that was baptized yesterday. We went to the church to meet them and they´re completely different tan President Walker. Haha he´s from California and speaks Little spanish. His names President Bird and his wife…doesnt speak ANY spanish. Ha it was so weird just talking to adults in english cause i havent done it for like 3 months! But its good to have people from the U.S. they are way great people and i already love them! They´re gonna do great!

I love you family and i miss you everyday. But things are going great here. One more week with training and then im most likely getting a new companion. WE'll see!!

Con Amor,

Elder Needham

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