Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Man, these weeks go by so fast. During the week i feel like i havent written you guys forever, but when it comes to monday i feel like i´m always writing you. So this week i almost im kidding. But hey there was a gun shoot out like 5 minutes from our house. We didnt hear it or anything but thats still cool haha. ALLRRIIGGHHTTY THEN, ill get started on the week.

Monday: I had to go to the dentist cause i have to get a root canal, and i was scared cause i didnt know if dentists from México would be good, but it was normal. All went well. Always we went to a mall that is here called Citydel and it is so freakin nice!! its like a mall back home! And its like heaven here cause everything is pretty expensive here in pesos, but its so cheap in dollars. So i just unloaded on some ties. I got 3 nice ties for $15! I was in heaven. Im gonna go back there at the end of my mission and just buy a ton of gifts and what not.

Wednesday: today we had our first multi-zone conference with the new president bird. It went well and everyone seems to like him a lot. I personally think hes going to be a great president, he makes things fun! We talked about basketball and football so thats cool. Haha and he just cracks jokes all the time so its nice to have an american adult to talk to sometimes!

Thursday: today we UNLOADED on FOOD!! it was ridiculous. In the morning we ordered a pizza. At 2 we had our daily meal with a member. At 5, *** and ***, some investigators invited us to their house to eat carne asada, which is a meat and they made it into tacos. And then some of my favorite members, the familia cruz, invited us to their house at 8 to celebrate a surprise party for their brother in law, ***. And he´s the guy that i became best friends with right when i got to this area, so that was fun! I signed a tie and gave it to him for his b-day, he´s a cool guy!

Saturday: so remember that week how i baptized the mom of that family? their name is familia ***. And then i said the dad couldnt get baptized yet? Well today he got permission and was able to get baptized! it was so awesome! And i was able to baptize him also!! Its just an amazing experience baptizing someone. I did baptisms for the dead before my mission with like ty josh and carson, and i baptized them..which was way cool. But baptizing someone for their own salvation is just AMAZING. The guys name is *** and he said he felt so happy and peaceful right after the baptism! it was great!! Also we visited *** and gave her a tour of the church!! She absolutely loved it when she walked in the sacrament room, the spirit was so strong and it was amazing. I feel like shes going to get baptized soon!

Sunday: today was a wacky day. So we went to church and all was good, and some guy that we had randomly contacted the other day and invited to church CAME today. It was awesome. We sat through sacrament and then after we taught him in the first lesson in a classroom. During the lesson our ward mission leader came in and he was doing great sharing his conversion to this man, whose name is ***, and then they started talking about money and me and elder boden are like what the poop? so *** mainly came to try and get some money to help him out, but he actually knew a lot about the church so hopefully we´ll see him back next week! I can totally see him getting baptized one day! Also this past week we had been planning on Elder Boden getting transferred so during church he was like saying bye to a few members and stuff. And during the night we got calls from the Zone leaders. And guess what? Im out! We were both SO shocked. Usually i would be staying and he would leave cause he has more time in this area then i do. But i guess president received revelation for me to transfer to another area! But i wont find out where im going or who my new companion is till tomorrow, so ill let you all know next week! I gotta pack everything up and try and quickly say bye to a few members. I cant believe im made some great relationships here. Missions are crazy, you make such great relationships and then they just boot you out. haha it sucks. But im excited to see where im going!! woo!!

Love you all

Elder Needham

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