Monday, July 29, 2013

Hola familia,

Another great week of working and lots of success! I messed up on the name last week on where i am at...its called Tamaulipas Andalucia. its a very big area! We walked SO shoes are getting destroyed already haha. sometimes we have to walk a straight hour just to go to lunch. But its worth it cause the food here is so dang good. 
We had a lot more success this past week with finding people and setting baptismal dates! We found a full family, Martha Antonio Victor, and Jennifer and they all accepted to be baptized on the 16 of August. And we found a young girl named Esmeralda, who also accepted to be baptized that day. We now have 12 baptismal dates and im still waiting to get that first baptism. I have a lot of confidence with those 12 dates that we'll get atleast one hahah, but we are working to get all 12!! and more!! We are working our butts off and i have realized that if we want success, then you gotta work every day likes its your last. Its just like football or every game like its your last. This area is great and we've been having some great help from some of the members. We are trying to get the members more involoved cause if we want success...its going to come through the members. I mean...we can contact people all day, but the members know people and have friends. Everyone just needs to work together with missionary work...its the best thing to do. 
We had a crazy rain storm this past week, it was so sweet. We were setting up an appointment with Esmeralda and it just started pouring!! We took off running and i just took off from my companion. haha i felt like i was in a movie trying to dodge all the cars and big puddles. It was fun!
On sunday we had 3 invetigators come to church which was way exciting!! it was Oso, Daniel, and Esmeralda. Oso has his baptismal date this weekend so we're hoping it all works out! Daniel and Esmeralda are boy friend and girl friend and they are great people. Those 3 are some of our most progressing investigators. Hopefully ill get my first baptism this week!!! :)
Having a companion from mexico is definitely something different. haha we just think different so sometimes it gets really frustrating. But we work well together and are having lots of sucess! 
Also a funny experience, we visited this man named Alberto who has a date of baptism but we hasnt been improving lately so we were going to give him a serious discussion to leave him for some time...but they he told us that he received answers that everything is true!! hahaha how crazy is that?! me and elder soto left after the lesson and were so confused! it was awesome!! We have some great people we are teaching! But if we want success, then we have to be 100% obedient and have diligence each day. Thats the key to success in the mission. Oh and LOVE THE PEOPLE.


Elder Needham

pictures from first area!!
1. Elders 
2. Perla and Ramiro(fruit people)
3. Hermanas

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