Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hola familia,

I hope you¨re all doing well and succeeding in whatever you¨re doing! But anyways heres my week.

Monday: so we got a lot of new people in the zone this week and on monday afternoons the whole zone goes to the church and plays some kind of game and then we have district meetings around 630. I was nervous to meet the  new zone cause all the people i balled with left...but when they all showed up i actually got along with all the new missionaries. They¨re way cool! We played a little bball but its just wasnt the same, but it was actually still way fun cause the mexicans have no idea how to play so they just run around and push, haha its great. And then we play some kick ball in the gym with a volleyball and like destroyed the ceiling cause we kept hitten i cool my jets when i play games sometimes, haha sometimes i play too hard. We got a new zone leader that replaced Elder Larson. His name is Elder Mcstraw and hes like an angel straight from heaven. Hes definitely like the definition of a perfect missonary. Its going to be a lot different now but itll be good. During the distirict meeting i suggested a goal to the district for us combined to have 220 contacts on the street. They all agreed which was way cool. Now that im in my second transfer here in Mexico, i feel like im not such a newbie anymore. I actually feel like a legit missionary, its cool.

Tuesday: today the familia *** fed us lunch. Which is really strange cause they are investigators and they told us they wanted to feed us. haha we´re starting to think they´re definitely just using us for our presance in their house.

Wednesday: last week we visted this man named ***, hes 60 years old and rides a motorcycle...such a baller. today when we were walking around, he past us on his bike and he had his little blue helmet on and another old friend was sitting on the back of his bike. I busted up laughing cause people here just make me laugh sometimes. we went and visited him at his house later that day and when we got there he was sitten out front on a lawn chair just drinkin a big old thing of beer. He was totally wasted so we scheduled an appointment for next week. But its just funny cause hes an old dude but just reminds me of a little kid. And he has no idea whats going on when hes drunk haha. BUT he is interested in the church from our lesson last week. He was a reference from a member so were going to try and get that member to attend the lessons with him. He just has a pretty bad drinking problem, we´ll work on him though!

Friday: today we had inter exchanges with the zone leaders, so i was with Elder Mcstraw and dang he is a dang good missionary. He knows what hes doing. He spoke to me in Spanish the WHOLE day to help me out and i actually liked it. I could understand most of what he was saying which was way comforting. He does things exactly the way President wants thing to be done so it was cool to learn from him. At the beginning of the day i just told him to do his thing and im gonna learn to things the right way. Haha not saying my companion does things the wrong way, but elder mcstraw just knows and doesnt hesitate to do things. It was way cool to learn from him, he stayed the night at house and then left sat. morning back to his area. Oh it was also cool cause he came to my area so i had to kind of lead things that day which is way weird cause i cant believe i´ve almost been in mexico for 2 months now. We also had some young men come walk around with us today which was a cool experience for them, ill attach some photos of them.

Saturday: today we also had two more young men come walk around with us in the blazing hot sun. I got a sexy tan line, i wish you guys could see it :) haha. Oh and also on this day...for some reason every year on june 8 i always remember this its the birthday of Grandma Shumway, Devan Webb, Blaze Nelson, and Madi Bowie. Sooo Feliz Cumpleaños to you all!!!

Sundayon friday when i was with Elder Mcstraw we visited this lady named *** WE´ve been visiting her ever since i got here in mexico and she wants to be baptized but not just yet. Her husband doesnt really like our church very much and hes always at work so we cant ever teach him. But when we were at church today, we were sitting there, *** AND her husband walked in and sat right by us!! it was such a surprise. Cause on Friday we didnt even really invite them to church, we forgot to. But they showed up for their first time in a couple months! It was way cool to see them there, especially the husband. They stayed for two hours and the husband was like answering a ton of questions in the principles class. haha maybe hes interested now? so cool!
During the night we had a nice storm which was way cool! There was a TON of lightning and stuff. so we went on the room and just chilled and drank a coke! it felt so good. But we didnt want to die and we kept feeling like the spirit was telling us to get down so we dont get electricuted. haha.

Monday-today: Every monday morning we have a neighbor who does our laundrey for us and feeds us breakfast. Its so freakin good. This morning we had tacos with this freakin good meat. Ahh food here is SO good. You´re all missin out. And also today for p-day, we are going to this huge park thingy with the district. Everyone says its pretty cool so ill send some pictures next week or somethin! Its gonna be fun!

But anways, its seriously so hot here though, sometimes i just want to die. And in a couple weeks, there is this thing called the Celiqula. Which is when it gets SUPER hot here for like 3 months straight, with no breezy days or nothing. And im NOT excited haha cause i just sweat salt everyday. But its nice cause a lot of people sell little things in their houses and a lot of people sell this thing called bollos. Its a flavor like chocolate, banana, pineapple, strawberry or just other ones mixed with milk and its frozen. So those are way good to have during the hot days. And also theres like mini stores at every corner, haha its ridiculous. But its very helpful, i just got buy a water when ever im about to die. haha. And something that i cant stand is that when like someones dog or cat dies, they just throw it in a bag and throw it on the side of the road. And it FREAKIN STINKS!! I smell it everything cause they´re dead animals all the time. The smell is like...i dont know, just dead smell. I just hold my breathe though haha.
But the language is coming along great now, its very helpful to speak during the lessons and on the street. Especially after being with elder mcstraw for a day, i gained a lot of confidence with speaking and stuff. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL!! so crazy!
Its actually saturday night right now and im writing all this and just barely some members, the familia cruz who we are really good friends with, just randomly brought us some dessert. They are so cool! Everytime we visit them they feed us at least something, they´re the best.
Anyways, love you and and PEACE.


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