Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Family,

Monday: last p-day. We had a fun day playin bball and we all played capture the flag in the church parking lot and threw waterballoons at each other. Haha theres this new elder from Argentina and he was getting so mad at me cause he couldnt catch me. Haha this whole week he kept saying that we´re going to race the next p-day. Haha so if i end up racing him then it´ll be like Mission Olympics. Dont worry ill run fast for my USA people :)

Tuesday: so remember the Family ***? who we met in a store by pure guidance of the Holy Ghost? yeah well we´re still teaching them and its still very difficult. They´re having a hard time believing the book of mormon is true and they only need the Bible. So on this day we taught the whole plan of salvation from the bible to help them understand that we actually do use the Bible in our church too. It was a good lesson but its really just hard to get them to do anything. They never do there homework which is really frustrating. The mom is who we are focusing most on right now. We left her to read 2 nephi 31 and we are going to go back tuesday night. When investigators continuely dont do there homework, you have to end up leaving them for some time. Which is kind of sad. But we decided that if the mom doesnt read it by tomorrow...we have to drop them. I really hope she reads though cause i love this family.

Wednesday: Today we had a zone conference that was kind of different cause our mission president leaves this next week. So instead of just having a ton of different zone conferences to say goodbye we just had like another mission conference with the new monterrey east mission. Because the split of the missions is pretty much official so all those missionaries in Reynosa are all in a new mission now. If all that makes sense? hahaha. But so yeah we had a conference and guess what? i was asked to give the opening prayer! The day before Elder Larson(my homie who is now the assistant) called me and told me president wants me to give the opening prayer for the conference. Haha i felt way honored to do it in front of the whole mission. I KNOW its only a pray! But hey, its in spanish, in front of 100 missionaries, AND the president picked me for it. So solid. I was shaking the whole time. haha. But it was also a sad day cause we had to say bye to the President and his wife. And they´re seriously the best people ever. I´ve become really close with president walker already and its sad to see him leaving. Ill post a picture of me and them! Our new president, President Larry Bird(yeah that famous basketball player from the Celtics) will be here on thursday. Ill have to work hard to build a good relationship with him now!

Thursday: today we visited a contact and her name is ***. We had a young men with us again. We taught *** the first lesson and she accepted to be baptized! We are way excited! The date is for July 12. She is about 22 years old? has a little girl and is  pregnant with a little boy right now. Things are a lot different here cause we´re always just teaching pregnant girls but its all the same work and its so fun! She´s a very fun out-going girl. and it was a great experience for one of the young men to be there.

Friday: So we have this little ice cream shop right by our house and last week we went and bought a cone. This lady named *** works there and we ended up contacting her! she is way nice and she invited us to come to her house. So today we went by and had to teach her outside cause she didnt want us to come inside cause her family was inside. ha it was kinda weird. But we taught her the first lesson and talked about the book of mormon. She is very smart and is VERY interested in the gospel. She accepted to be baptized on the 7 of July! And she seems really excited about it. Shes about 21 years old and just seems like she´d be a perfect member! We´ll have to go buy some ice cream more often!

Saturday: so we are continuing to teach *** and her family, the ones who sell fruit on the street, and they seem interested also. We talked about the book of mormon and the purpose of it. We mostly talk to her cause the husband is usually helping costumers. But she said that the things we tell her are pretty similar to the catholic church, but her questions that she has…we can answer them and the catholic church cant. So she is wondering that maybe our church could be the true church! Shes gaining a testimony!! Woo!

So it was a pretty exciting week!! A lot of work but lots of success. We just hope to finally get a baptism soon! But just a little something that everyone here says in mexico when we teach them which is super annoying. haha they always say, ´so why are you called mormons?´or why mormon? we tell them that we are actually latter-day saints but people call us mormon from the book of mormon. So people think that when they here the work ´mormon´they think like uh oh...MORMON. like its bad or somethin? haha its so dumb. i just want to be like Why catholic? whats the significance of the word catholic??¡¡ haha we asked some members what catholic meant and they were like uhhh i dont know...haha at least we know where the word mormon comes from! People just have crazy beliefs. But i guess thats why we are here, TO INVITE THE WORLD TO COME UNTO CHRIST!! Heck yeah!
Plus i dont know if any of you went to that conference on sunday about missionary work? haha we were all nervous for it cause there was a rumor going around that they were going to shorten the length of the mission cause they´re so many missionaries. But it didnt happen. haha it just talked about how members should help out the missionaries a lot more. Its very true though. If you all know the missionaries in the ward, try and help give them some references. Its like christmas when the members give us references. Its very helpful! If you have any like co-workers or neighbors, get the missionaries over there! But anyways, those are my words of advice!
Oh and i heard the Heat won again!!! haha so sick!! i walked into a gas station to see the newspaper to see who won, my companion got mad cause he doesnt like sports. haha
love you all and have a good week!

Elder Needham

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