Monday, June 17, 2013

Hola Fam,

Tuesday: we went and visited *** and her husband, the people that just randomly came to church last week, around 730 at night on tuesday. We went with the first couselor and his wife and it was a great lesson. We made sure the husband, ***, was there during the lesson also cause he´s who we need to focus on the most. Its so most easier having members at lessons cause a lot of members here are converts, and they can tell about their personal conversion experience. We talked about Eternal Families cause they have two little kids. The lesson went well! *** had a ton of questions cause he has a lot of doubts. But by the end of the lesson he seemed to have a better understanding of the gospel. We even got him to say the closing prayer, which was way cool cause we´ve never got him to pray before. During the lesson *** and the grandma were like telling *** that they need to be baptized so they can have an eternal family. haha so *** is like trying to do anything she can to be baptized, but her husband *** has doubts. We´ll keep working on them though!!

Wednesday: we received a reference from Sister Licona in the ward so we went and visited her friend ***on wednesday. The sister came along with us. It was a very strange lesson. haha the lady has had some really bad drinking problems in her life, and you can tell cause she has drinken so much its just kind of permantely affected her cause she just kinda has that wobbely-ness about her. But it was really weird cause we were going to say an opening prayer and we described what our prayer consists of, so we´re like ready to say the pray and we start. And i see her like put her head down and like half way through the prayer we can just hear her chomping on some chips. hahaha ahh i cant even explain it, but it just killed me. It was funny! The mission sure does consist of a lot of weird things.

Thursday: JARED´S BIRTHDAY!! I celebrated your birthday for you Jared. I even got a campachana and i ate it for you...hoping you could taste it? ahh it was good. But hope you had a good b-day, tell me all about it!

Friday: Elder Jace Wade´s Birthday! I dont know why but i just remember birthdays, haha. But this day i was able to give another blessing to a member for health. It was a good experience and she shared it during church yesterday! And also its cool cause by our house theres this guy and his family that sells some way good fruit. Like mango, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, etc...and for some reason whenever we pass by there around night time, they like to give us free fruit. And we got some this night...its like a HUGE bowl of fruit, its so good! We all decided to give them a book of mormon this time. They say they dont have much time cause their days consist of cleaning on the fruit stuff and preparing it. Which is understandable so we just gave them the book and told them they can read it when they have a little time. Hopefully it will be good!

It was a good week with a lot of referances from the members so we had more to do this past week. We still walked a lot but im just going to need to get use to it, cause its not going to change. haha. But something weird is i was looking at the pictures of my first night here in mexico and i look like a little fruit cake. Haha, i think all this walking is making me look bigger or somethin. its weirden me out!
Also this week, Elder Boden told me that there hasnt been a baptism in this are for about 5-6 months...i was wondering why we´re not having any baptisms yet. Even the members say this area is not very good with conversions. There are a ton of Catholics and Jehovahs witnesses that live here so its very hard to get baptisms. But my goal is to get a baptism in every single area i serve in so im going to break that streak! haha.
Anyways i love you family and hope you´re doing good! Take care!

Les Amo
Paz Fuera

Elder Needham

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