Friday, May 24, 2013

so i got a lot to talk about this week so ill just get started!!

tuesday: we had a zone conference and we got to hear from Elder Andersen from the seventy which was way cool. Its also always nice to get a break from the work and go to the offices and see other elders in the mission. After that, as a zone we went to WENDYS!! it was SO good!! wendys here in mexico is so much better than in the US. haha its weird. the workers in wendys were flirting with us cause we were white, but we just ended up contacting them and got their address and told them our other companions in the field would go visit them at their houses. And then they got sad hahaha.

wednesday: We taught familia *** and we talked about missionary work cause one of the daughters wants to go on a mission. it was a good lesson and at the end we started talking about loving each other in the family and helping out around the house cleaning and stuff. It was just the mom and two daughters during the lesson. I had a lot to say but didnt know how to say it in spanish, but everything was telling me i needed to say it. So i told them that im going to speak in english and Elder Boden will translate it. I starting talking about family and how important it is to love family cause you never know how much longer you´ll even have them in your life. By the end of the lesson the daughters were crying. The spirit was very strong and it made me realize english is a lot easier than spanish hahaha.
Also we found this family in the most crazy way. We had a reference to go meet so when we got to the house, nobody was there so we just started walking. I decided i was thursty so we went into a store that was closest to us and when we walked in a man said ELDERS!! and nobdy here in mexico just calls us elders, its very rare for that to happen. Come to find out this family actually right behind the store so the store is like the entrance to their house so the whole family was there when we walked in to buy something. They were very interested so we taught them the first lesson. We were there for kind of a while which was bad but they had so many questions. The spirit became so strong while we were with this family it was crazy.  When the lesson was over Elder boden said we are going to end with a pray. But i remembered that we had bore our testimonies yet. So i said first im going to bear my testimony. So i did it and by the end of that i had one of the sons, 18 years old named ***, crying. It was a great experience and this family is chosen. The family consists of parents, boy 18, girl 15, boy 11. We scheduled to meet with them another day. Their name is Familia ***.

Thursday: We went and visited this lady named ***. Its hard for her to go to church cause she works on sundays but she loves the gospel and everything. So we visit her every so often. *** told us that *** wasnt feeling good so after the lesson we gave to*** she asked us if we could give natalia a blessing. And I had to do it!!!!! in SPANISH!! it was so weird, but it was such a great experience! after the blessing...the mom was crying, man...i gotta stop making people cry. i cant tell if its a blessing or a sin making people cry all the time. haha

Friday: We received a reference from the zone leaders so me and Elder Boden went to go check them out. Most of the family was home besides the dad and they all ended listening to out message! Their name is familia *** and they said they´ve met with missionaries before. They actually knew a lot about the first lesson. It was crazy. They were all woman and by the end they all accepted to be baptized on june 14. It was way cool. Hopefully it all works out, the dad doesnt like our church too much but we´ll keep working hard.
We also went back to the family *** house and taught them again. They accepted to come to church. Whenever people accept to come to church, they dont usually come. But we had a little surprise sunday haha. Plus on Fridays we have ward mission leader meetings and i actually led the SPANISH! ah my spanish is actually coming along finally! it felt so good to be able to finally do it! Also a funny story. we were walking in the middle of the street and we passed this mom who had to kids and they were walking on the side walk. And the little boy and girl saw so dog poo and were screaming, MAMA MAMA, ES CACA DEL PERRO!!!! they screamed it like 5 times haha. they reminded me of pete and courtneys little kids.

Saturday: We got free ice cream from a drunk man.

Sunday: The family ***CAME to church!!!!!! It was so awesome to see them there and they liked it a lot!! all the members were very welcoming with them and made them feel at home. I hope they come back next week! We visited later in the day and the 18 year old boy *** is the most interested. He said hes going to prepare himself for baptism on june 7. Me and him have become very close, we have a lot in common. The dad has a problem with word of wisdom and the mom is kind of scared about baptism. This family is chosen though so we´re going to work hard with them!

Monday: so the subject HE TOUCHED MY FACE!! this day is where it comes from! the whole mission got together for a mission conference and we got to hear from Elder Johnson from the seventy and we also heard from the one and only Elder Holland from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!! But anways, Elder Holland shows up and walks into the church where we are all at. We all stood up when he walked in and the spirit was ridiculously strong. Before the meeting started, all the missionaries had the opportunity to shake Elder Holland´s hand. We had assigned seating and our zone was in the very back. But it was kind of nice cause it meant we were the last ones to shake his hand. I was sitting by Elder Larson, one of my zone leaders and my new homie haha, and we decided to be the VERY last ones to do it. So i was 2nd to last and i start walking up to the podium where they are at. I see Elder Doman as im walking up there and give him a little wink to make him laugh hahaha. And i get to Elder Holland and shake his hand. And this is how it went.....i say[Elder Holland, its nice to meet you. Do you remember a man named Gary Shumway?] (but first think that none of the other elders asked him a question, but i HAD to haha) he says[Gary Shumway?! Of course i remember him!] i say[Well, that is my grandfather!] he says [Noooo! You are Gary Shumway´s grandson?! i say[Yes sir! My grandmother says hello!] He then GRABS MY FACE like a little baby and squeezes my cheeks!! and says [YUP, you look just like him!!] hahahaha all the missionaries in the congregation were busting up laughing and elder larson was dying right behind me! it was so funny! My face is now pure for the rest of my life!! The conference went on and Elder Holland has got to be the best speech giver in the world. It was magnificant! After the conference we were all just waiting to leave and i got to talk with lots of friends and stuff. And plus i saw Elder Jamison Miller!! He goes home in like a week! I gave him something to give to mom and dad to dont forget to get it from him! I also talked to elder Doman and he says his knee has been killing him. He has some nerves getting pinched and he most likely has to get surgery. I told him to do anything he could to not have to go home. it would kill me if he went home! I personally went up to President Walker about it and he said that its not looking to good right now. If elder doman does go home he will most likely be switched to a state side mission with a car. I told President to do anything he could to help Elder doman. It was a good talk. I said bye to Elder Doman like 10 times cause it probably will be the last time ill see him for a few years cause he´ll most like go home. But as long as he starts feeling better. After all that, as a zone we went to this restaraunt and ate! it was way good and it felt good to eat somewhere nice and clean. haha. I watched sportscenter and stuff with Elder Larson so that was way cool. Plus they had american music playing and my JAM came on!!!
                            this girl is on.............FIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE
I was going so hard!!! hahaha
anways im done now, that was a lot.
Mom i had some friends here add me on facebook, so if you can add them. Just add the ones that have Mexican last names. haha leave the others alone till i get back!
Also something i realized. During Church when natives here have something to say, they ALWAYS stand up and have to say it to everyone. Its like they´re trying to make themselves look bigger, but honestly, they are so short here they look the same size!! haha i just laughed to myself cause im probably the only one that notices!
but i love you all and have a good week!! peace and blessings

ps...DHILLS....2nd place for life!!!

Elder Needham

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