Monday, May 6, 2013

April 29th 2013

Yo its michael, remember...your son!!
Im still alive here in mexico!! no gun shots or anything haha!!
Well.....a lot can change in a week! Im slowly starting to understand some more things when people talk and i´ve realized that they´re actually not that nice at all. Haha last week in my email i kept saying people are super nice...but i thought that cause mexicans talk really high so it sounds like they´re saying nice things. But they naturally just talk really mean and straight forward. haha i think its kind of funny and i just laugh! Those are usually the people we contact and such. Members and less actives are really the nicest people ever. They´re always offering us food or water and think very highly of the missionaries in their ward. I love sundays and church cause people try and help me with my spanish and stuff. Every morning right before i have personal study, i pull out my pictures and look at the family and my homies, and just other pictures i have. And then i look at a picture of Jesus Christ i have taped on the wall by me and it helps me get started for the day. And then sometimes when i pray at night, i just pause for a little and try my best to think what the family is doing at that exact time. hahah i think i usually do pretty good! Mom and Dad: watching a movie on the big screen sitting in the corner seat eating salmon. Nate: studying for school or taking a nap with titan, or cuddling with morgan. Morgan: watching netflix and eating something she just fixed up with a leopard blanket covering her and titan sleeping on her feet. Jared: at the house with mom and dad watching the movie with them....but he´s actually sleeping haha. Keilani: with justin just doing weird things. hahah. I do some pretty weird things out here! But anyways to the experiences i had this past week! We had a hard working week and got a lot done! We contacted over 40 people along with the lessons we taught. Its been raining and overcast here the past week so its felt way good outside which is nice! The little 8 year old boy Saul is doing well. We continue you teach him and he´s a way smart kid! We had his date to be baptized this week but we found out his parents that he doesnt live with are still his legal guardians so we´ll have to get permission from them first before he cant be baptized. We hope he can be baptized cause we can tell he really wants to. We also taught this lady named Josefina. Shes had a baptismal date before but it fell through. We went back over this week and taught her, at the end of the lesson, for my first time, i asked her if she would be baptized. She accepted to be baptized on the 24 of May!!! I had the biggest smile on my face and the spirit was so strong when she was deciding her answer right after i asked her! it was awesome! After we left i hurried and pulled on my camera and took a picture of me and Elder Boden smiling cause i wanted to remember the first time i asked someone to be baptized and they accepted. haha. When our investigators accept to be baptized they have to come to church at least twice before they can be baptized! So hopefully it all works out and she gets baptized! Besides that we just had some more lessons with investigators and a lot of less actives. My spanish is still very small but its coming. Like i said its been raining here! When it POURS!! its way fun! Last night when i was sleeping, we had the window open and i woke up with water coming on my face cause the wind was blowing it inside, ha it was funny! Anyways i love you all and hope you have a good week! I cant believe kk is getting married soon and pete and courtney are having a baby! thats so cool! Send lots of pictures cause those are my favorite! Peace and Blessings family. I love you. 

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