Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hola familia,it was great to hear from you all yesterday. It was just what i needed, to make you all laugh haha. But why do you gotta make me cry? that wasnt cool. Anyways mom i hope you had a good mothers day! you´re the BEST mom ever!!!!So this week was pretty fun. i dont know if i told you about my zone leaders but they´re pretty legit. One of the kids that i get a long with really well, his name is Elder larson, he´s from alpine area. I went on exchanges with him this week and it was definitely the best time i´ve had so far in the field.  He´s just like one of my friends back home and he´s a baller so we just get along so well. We actually did what i thought a mission was like. Worked hard during the day and still had a good time doing it. We just talked about life which was cool to talk about cause it feels like forever since i´ve done that. And i stayed over at his place tuesday night while his companion was with elder boden at our place. We ordered the food called Campachanas which is one of the best things i´ve ever had. Its a big toritlla with guacamole and TONS of meat! its amazing! ill attach some photos of what we did.When i was back with elder boden the next day we were going to an appointment and this one lady named *** contacted US! It was way random but way cool. We set a baptismal date for the 31 of May so hopefully it works out. She said she use to live with mormons and she really likes us. But one times she gave a mission $150 pesos to buy her a book and we think the missionary must have been transfered like right after that cause he didnt get her a book. So she was kind of mad which is kind of funny haha, but she is still way nice and interested so thats cool. We are still walking about 6-8 miles a day so thats cool. haha  On Friday it was the hottest day so far and i about died!! ah man. But its been raining the past few days and its been pouring! its way fun! but anyways have a good week family and i love you!Elder Needham

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