Monday, April 1, 2013

But anyways the past week has been pretty normal. Just the same routine again so not too much to talk about. It was sweet to be able to see Keilani yesterday on Easter Sunday at the temple with Justin. And then to be able to facetime mom and dad for a minute haha, sshhh dont tell anyone. Probably breaking the rules. But to start off, GUESS WHAT! Me and Elder Doman are Zone Leaders. Its so great and I feel so blessed to be in charge of quite a few missionaries haha. We're going to be the best Zone Leaders that ever lived! Anyways Easter Sunday was a great experience here in the MTC. We had a mission conference in the morning at 10 and EVERYONE was hoping an Apostle was coming to talk to us, but instead it was a man from the presiding bishopric or something like that. His name was Gerald Causse and he was french so there's a few accents in his name, i just cant put them cause the computer. ha but it was a really good talk. And then we had testimony meeting and i bore my testimony in spanglish (spanish and english) cause i really wanted to get a message across to the elderes and hermanas in my zone. A lot of companionships have been struggling cause they cant stand each other. So we keep emphasizing to love one another. I used John 15:12 in my testimony. It was a great experience. We then had the temple walk where i saw Keilani and Justin. As i was walking up to the temple i remember that i told her to come say hi at that time, two seconds later i saw her driving in her car in the parking lot. hahah i received revelation ;) i hurry and ran up to her and slammed on the hood of her car. She freaked out and came and gave me a hug. All the other missionaries around thought i was a bad missionary cause i was hugging a girl...haha Elder Doman was right there and he just kept telling them it was my sister ha. But it was also good to see Justin, he seems like a cool guy and i approve haha. But then later that night we had another devotional and the Young Womens General President spoke and her name was Sherie Dew. She was a great speaker and it was a fun devotional. After that we watched a replay of when David A. Bednar came to the MTC i think in the 2011 christmas devotional and i think he might be my favorite apostle now. haha hes a funny guy. 
But not too much happened this week. 
i've received some great letters and packages from some great people and i appreciate all of them. 
ps Nate my bro, theres a kid named Elder Barlow in my zone. He said he was your neighbor when you live in the basement at cache valley. He's a way cool kid and he says hi. Ha he came up to me yesterday and asked if i knew you. It's way cool connecting with people that i dont even know. 
For some reason when everyone washes their clothes they lose stuff..ive lost like 5 pairs of garments. Ha i was going to ask mom to send me some but i just found out i can order some here in the MTC so ill get 5 my pairs later today. 
Every week i forget to say thing but hopefully i didnt forget this time!!
I love you family and hope you're all doing well! OH! mom wanna send me some like granola bars or proteins bars or something? I get hungry at night...
AND jared nate and morgan...WRITE me you punks!! i havent heard from you yet. 
Last story, we were talking about the Plan of Salvation in class this past week and we had an example in a movie clip of a lady who had to get surgery in her belly for something and she was deformed in that area. She wanted to know if everything was going to be alright. Me and Elder Doman then had to practice being the lady or the missionary. When i was the missionary i started talking to E. Doman who was being the lady, and i started talking about Jared. How he was born without a bone and his leg was amputated. I related to two stories together and told her, like my brother, i know that during and after this life everything will be ok. You have will have a healthy stomach and my brother will have a strong leg and be able to run without pain. After the practice i asked E. Doman how i did. He told me if he was really the lady, he would be crying the whole time. It was a great experience.
Peace till next week.
Elder Needham 

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