Monday, March 25, 2013

Michael Needham <>Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 11:35 AM

well i wrote all the family personally so ill just tell you about the great experience i had this past week :)
1. So last Sunday, me and elder Doman and another pair of companions in our district were asked to teach the class about eternal life. it was a great lesson and everyone participated a lot which was nice. But after the lesson us four elders sang God be with you till we meet again in spanish to the other elders and hermanas in the class. The spirit was so strong at that moment, it was truly one a great experience. The hermanas started to was so crazy. i guess i DO have a good voice ;) haha
2. Me and Elder Doman are now teaching two more investigators throughout the week. They're are teachers and their investigator names are Jose and Armando. Me and Elder Doman continue to work very well together and always try our best to have the spirit with us. After lessons our teacher evaluates us and they always say we are really well at connecting with the investigator. Another story about this we were practicing on i think thursday. me and elder doman taught two hermanas in our district you were pretending to be one of there friends back home who was having some problems. Her name was Amy and her dad had just past away. She didnt know what to do cause she thought she wasnt going to see him again. Me and elder doman taught about the plan of salvation, and Elder Doman made a great connection because when he was 6 years old his brother passed away from a crazy accident. Elder Doman told her that he know because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ he would see his brother again. We then told Amy about the whole plan that families can be together forever. And we promised her that through this gospel she was see her dad again one day. She began to cry...(now remember this is just practicing and Amy is just another hermama in the district role playing as a friend of hers back home) and she still cried. The Lord is really helping me and Elder Doman out because everyone keeps crying in front of us. hahaha its just a great feel things. I just give Elder Doman a big hug after lessons cause we're both so proud of what we just did.
3. Lastly, this week we started a thing called TRC. Where random members who speak spanish volunteer to come to the MTC for us to teach them. We had a good lesson and it was really fun, i finally gained some confidence in speaking spanish because Elder Doman told me that was my best lesson so far. the spanish is finally clicking. The TRC volunteers who we taught evaluated us on some paper and i got them laminated. Ill send them home soon so you can read them!
Anyways it was a very fun week! ps i can finally play bball again haha, my foot is great! We just did a session at the temple this morning which was fun. A kid got a bloody nose during the session, it was real awkward cause he didnt know what to do. i just laughed haha. But the girls..i mean sisters..keep getting cuter every week. But dont worry, im handling myself :) i keep remembering what dad told me last week... if you dont look once, you're not a man...but if you look twice, you're not a missionary. i look 1 and a half times ;) 
but hey kk, i go on a temple walk every sunday from 3-4! come say hi next sunday if you can!
im uploading a few pictures from the MTC experience so far. 
Love you all, have a good week!!
Elder Needham





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