Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Family,

Because they changed to rule that lets us email friends now i've had like 20 emails to respond to, so this will be short and sweet! Its been a great past week, i cant believe i've been here for over a month already and i only have one more week left!! Time is going so fast and i cant believe it. I 've learned so much while i've been testimony of this gospel has strengthened like X a million! This is the TRUE gospel of Jesus Chirst and i testify that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God who received revelation to restore the Gosepl here on earth once again. I'm greatful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I've always knew about the different doctrine of this gospel, but being on a mission, you just dive further and further in depth. Its miraculous. I'm so excited for all the missionaries preparing to go! You're all going to LOVE it!! On i think it was Thursday, me and all the other missionaries going to the Monterrey East mission(about 20 of them) went of to salt lake to finalize things with our visas at the Mexico consolate. It was the best feeling in a month!! FREEEEEEDOM was amazing. It made me even more excited to get out in the real word and start teaching. We all stopped at this little taco stand and it got me way excited for Mexico cause it was way good and im going to be eating lots of tacos and good food down there. Not that the MTC is bad, but when its time to go...its time to go. Haha a lot of missionaries are getting sick of the food here, but i LOVE it! Mainly because its always prepared for me and ready to go. Hahah i get pretty lazy when it comes to cooking food. But it seriously was the best feeling to take the train up to salt lake and see the real world for about 7 hours that day. It was a great experience having General Conference here this weekend. It was actually way nice watching all of the talks instead of just being at home and sleeping during them. Haha. I learned so many great things from the general authority, apostles, and the prophet. Also at the Sunday night devotional, the singing group The Vocal Point came to the MTC. They're a way good acopella? group from BYU! It was a fun show and they we're amazing. You all know how much i love music hahah, i enjoyed it a lot. I havent received my travel plan yet for next monday so because i cant email the information to you, i get to call you later this week and tell you over the phone. And then ill try and call you at the Airport next monday. Hopefully it all works out and ill be able to leave by next monday haha. Im going to post some pictures of some great times i've had lately. Haha me and my roommates are way fun in the mornings to help us wake up. Its so great!! Love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Needham

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