Monday, March 31, 2014

March 17, 2014

Familia Necestimos Jamon,

Its good to be able to talk to you guys again today. Mom's and Dad's emails were awesome, I really enjoyed them a lot. Also grandma nomi and glenda, thanks a ton! You are all awesome! Congrants to Nate and Morgan this week with finding out the gender of their baby, im going to be freakin out this next week when i get on here! 
This past week we had another Zone Meeting...haha i feel like im always preparing capacitations for the zone!! its a lot of work! We talked about using each and every personal talent that we have been given by the Lord. Matt. 25: 14-30
Also yesterday we found out transfers and im staying here in the area where im at. And my companion Elder Tenorio will be leaving! He has 7 months here so it was obvious he was going to leave! I just have 3 months here, so i still have lots of energy to be here :) 
Also this past week we had an awesome stake activity. It was called Mini-mission. Its where all the youth between the ages of 16-23 came and worked with us as missionaries. They stayed a complete 30 hours with us and pretty much lived the mission life for a little. Saturday thru sunday is when we had it and it was a great experience. I was assigned with a kid named Aaron, he was a cool kid and we had an good day working together. He's 17 and is planning on leaving for his mission about the time I go home! There were about 40 youth that participated and it was really great!
But also something really cool, our investigador ***, particpated in it as well!! Pretty crazy huh?!? She's not even a member but she wanted to be a missionary for a day. They assigned her with the sister leaders of the mission so they could help have a good time and help to be baptized! After the mini-mission, we went to her house to visit her and we had an awesome lesson with her. We committed her to pray that night and ask if she should be baptized on Mar. 30! We are super content with her right now, and how far she has progressed. We'll see today or later this week what she thinks! 
Love ya fam, hope you all have a great week! This saturday Elder Cook comes here to the mission so im siked to hear from him! Its going to be very spiritual. As a mission, we are all fast this Friday and saturday so we can have a spiritual experience to meet an apostol. 

Elder Needham

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