Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

Dear Family,

Ugh....its getting so hot here again in Monterrey!! Haha it just reminds me so much of a year ago when i got here! Plus, im oficially less than one year until i get home!! How crazy is that? Time is seriously flying, I just cant get my mind to relax. Haha. But things are going so good here in the mission. Today we went to the temple here in Monterrey and it was a wonderful experience, but hey it would be nice to soon be able to go to a different temple. Haha that temple is a great experience everything you go. Today I was able to receive some great answers and I felt something different today in the temple than I have ever felt before. I honestly felt like I was in the presence of God. It was amazing. And it also made me think about how far back time goes. I was thinking about how many worlds that have ever existed! And then it made me think about how many more worlds are going to be made in the future. The gospel sure is one crazy thing. I love it. 

This past week we had a leadership council with president and we received some great information. Also from the Area Presidency we received some information that we need to start having 40-60 discussions each week. And for those of you that dont know the mission life, thats A LOT!! So we are adjusting a few things and trying to meet this new goal. We also had a Capacitation as a zone that my companion and I gave and I think it was the best one I have given so far! It went really well and what we focused on was one of the attributes of Christ, Hope. We talked about this topic to help the zone KNOW that they CAN accomplish these new goals! Its going to take lots of HOPE, FAITH, AND FASTING. But we know we can start doing it! The Lord really is hastening his work in these moments, its wonderful. 

Elder Tenorio and I were able to fast this past week and it really tested our love and desire that we have to serve our Savior. We received amazing blessings on Sunday when we showed up to church with 5 investigadors that were there and 2 that came for their first times ever. It was amazing. Also I gave a talk on Sunday about 'Take what you learn at church, and Apply it to the life' or in other words 'Live the Gospel with your families'. I felt that it went good. 

But overall it was a great week and a half and especially receiving a package from Mom! Thanks so much!! Im just loving those mangos every night! Also i've been learning how to play the ukulele! Its been going good so hopefully when i get home ill be able to play some stuff for you guys! 

I love the mission and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Well.....maybe somewhere where its not SO hot!! hahaha. Love you family! :) 

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