Monday, January 27, 2014

January 20,  2014

Aloha Family,

Man, each week here in the mission just keeps getting better and better. I feel like a mexican more and more each day. I dont know if you guys received the picture i sent home of me eating Cow stomach. Yeah, that was interesting...kind of good though! Everytime i eat some thats really mexican-ish...i say 'Yup, im completely mexican now' haha. But lately, i've realized that im getting a little too chubby so im going to start trying to work out a little more and get trimmed down a little haha. I've never been fat before, and its kind of fun. 
On Friday we had exchanges and I went to an area called San Miguel which is one of the best areas in the whole mission so it was fun. I actually worked in trio that day with Elder Keller who i wrote about a few weeks again, and Elder Bojorquez who is from New Mexico. And he played Bball for New Mexico State University so that was a fun day with them both. We worked super hard all and taught like 5 lessons. It was a day with great success and then we ordered KFC in the night time. 
The next day, Saturday, we had another leader mission conference as zone leaders so we had to hurry and change back to our companions early saturday morning and then Elder Tenorio and I headed to the mission offices to have the council. It was freakin bomb cause after the conference, President Bird took all of us to a restaurant called Los Generales and its a buffet of just pure mexican food. You can kind of compare it to the fancyness of Olive Garden. But maybe even nicer. It was super good and President was surprise how much i could eat! ooops. 
Also on Sunday i have a funny story. So we were at church and had just finished taking the sacrament. The first counselor gets up and tells us the speakers for the day. He says....Elder Tenorio....Elder Needham....Elder Celedon....and Bro. Davila. I just look up at him like....WHAT?!?!?! Haha NOBODY told me that i was speaking!! While Elder Tenorio( my companion that didnt even tell me that i was speaking) went up to start his talk, i ask Elder Celedon if i was really talking. Him and his companion were like yeah yeah! They told me they told Elder Tenorio while we were in exchanges and Elder Tenorio forgot to tell me. Hahaha so i freaked out!! While Elder Tenorio was talking i hurry and prepared a talk right there in the meeting. hahah it was funny cause it just surprised the crap out of me!! I talked on missionary work and faith. It ended up being like 10 minutes so that was cool. I honestly know that the Lord was blessing me with words, ideas, and scriptures so that i could give a great talk! It went well and my lesson learned is 'Always Be Prepared' 
Yesterday we were in a lesson with a new investigador that we found named Martha. And she said something that i really liked a lot. 
'This earth is hell. When a baby is born, it cries.'
This world has a lot of things to destroy our lives. I know that if we keep moving foward, enduring till the end, we will enjoy the life we had like in the premortal life. 

Well i love you family and yeah. I pray for you lots but from your emails, you all seem to be doing great :) thanks for all the support! 

Elder Needham

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