Wednesday, December 18, 2013

October 21, 2013

Wassgood fam,
This past week we had a lot of fun experiences and lots of food. Last monday we went to this mall called CityDel as a zone. We ate there in a restraunt and i got my self a bacon cheeseburger like always haha, and there was a soccer game on. I couldnt resist, so yes i watched it. Im sorry...haha. But whenever we do something fun like that as a zone, it feels like im back home. Its a super nice mall, and they also have cinnabon that they have in all the malls in the US. So yeah i got that too. 
On friday I had exchanges with this elder from El Salvador. Its so cool to just know people from all over the world haha. This mission is a crazy ride. We had a great day and had some powerful experiences. We visited the less active family named F. Acosta. They havent gone to church ever since i got here and we've never really understood why, sometimes they have work but really they just dont go. So i felt that we just have a testimony meeting, cause i really wanted to know if the dad of the family had a testimony of this gospel. There were 6 people there in all so i ripped up six little pieces of paper and wrote the numbers 1 through 6 on them, and each of us picked one out of my hands. And whoever had number 1 was able to share their testimony first. And we had to go in order. But we could start talking when we felt like we were ready. Luckily enough i was 2nd and not first haha. But come to find out, the dad of the family was 1st. It was great to start out with him. By the end of his testimony, i just nodded my head up and down and knew he truly has a strong testimony of this gospel. As with all the family, they were all crying by the end of their testimonys. Even though sometimes they dont find time to go to church, I know that they all have firm testimonys of this gospel. It was a very spiritual experience and after the lesson the dad and I ate some Japenese Peppers and man they were spicy! haha it was so funny! It was a fun-spiritual night! 
We had a lot of great experiences this week but ill stop it there! Hope all is good back home and you're all working hard! Congrats to my aunty cherisa on her wedding, welcome to the family Kent!! So sweet! Plus next thursday, 31 of Oct. we are going to the temple so i wont write home next monday. Not until that thursday. I love you all and miss you lots! But im doing great out here :) Have a great week and a half!! 
Elder Needham

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